PRCJ help us us continue our efforts to educate, empower, and encourage our young girls to become the best that they can be. Let us arm them with information to prevent becoming preys to traffickers who pose as well-meaning friends, but with mean and wicked intentions. Help us support, parents too, who are traumatized when their children are victimized. Parents suffer in a society where they feel powerless to defend their children in a society where there is no respect for life, and "Justice cries out in the street for Mercy"!

We focus on  Purity Trainings effective presentations on  empowerment, courage and interegity.


• In-Centre • In schools • Churches • Youth Groups etc.  

Daughters by Design (DbD)

Daughters by Design School of Leadership Development and Empowerment - 2016.  

DBD Graduation was so touching, life-changing, and beautiful. One mother with two prize-winning daughters, graduates, registered her desire to make her own purity pledge! Minister Morgan outdid herself as she engaged all present with her stories of victory over lack in the face of offers that tested her mettle, her response determining her self- value. Through her close relationship with God, she is a victor,m not a victim! To God be ALL the glory!!

  There are  24 girls participated: areas included Beauty Body & Soul 

Destiny & Purpose leadership classes.

 youth Development, true love Waits * Etiquette, Manners & Protocol.

There are 18 girls committed to Purity until marriage received rings & tiaras.