Hebron House

 A private, safe place, a home and an empowerment center for marginalized girls and young women who desire life change.  It is  a powerful arm of the Pregnancy Resource Centre Of Jamaica (PRCJ).  It is the residential/training/empowerment arm of the PRCJ. 

A temporary housing facility or transitional program for clients with an urgent need for alternative living arrangements. Research in Jamaica by Shared Hope International (SHI); a major donor, has shown that a staggering percentage of our girls are involved in Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST). Many girls are being "put out" by their mothers to men who in turn sponsor the mother and the rest of the family financially.


Pregnancy is never welcome  in this arrangement.

One of the ways that PRCJ helps to reduce this overwhelming number while  producing victors from the victimized, is to provide up to six teens/young ladies at a time with a positive alternative: 

 Jesus Christ – our Change Agent. 

They receive: 

–compassionate care,

–training and life-skills that equip them for transition back to their families or to independent living.