Hebron House Mentorship Program




Hebron House Mentorship program is  curriculum based, group, and one-on-one mentorship program dedicated to strengthening the lives and communities of young women in Hebron House. The program is Adesign for girl’s ages 13 to 24 years old. This  program is facilitated by Rotatary includes weekly sessions and monthly cultural outings.

Their primary goals aret empower young  girls, building self esteem, self-confidence and challenging positive changes that get them to discover their potential.

In additional, the mentor-ship offering professional development that definitely improves communication, develops professional relationships, develops competence, honesty, and integrity. They are learning to share and give  back to their communities.




Hebron House! Mentorship program:

1. Addresses the crisis facing marginalized young  girls.

2. Understands the need for positive self-images, a strong sense of awareness and access to resources.


3. The sessions are designed to be creative and enriching. The team bring in guest speakers and facilitate workshops to enhance discussions.

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